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Technical composition of passive independent houses
Introduction to Passive Houses

Passive house, can adjust the indoor temperature at proper level with little energy consumption and is really environmental friendly, also called passive energy-saving house.

By 5 characteristics realize its effect as follows: 1. thermal insulation of wall; 2. shorten window space; 3. sealed seam crossing; 4. avoid unnecessary air exchange channel; 5. heat exchange before ventilation.

The most distinguishing feature of passive houses is by using super thick heat-preserving and thermal insulation materials that are decorated in upper, bottom, left, right, front and rear position of the residence, and forming inclosed and sealed condition.

Pictures of foundation mat of independent residence made up of heat-insulation cast-in-place reinforced concrete as follows. Some examples of the construction site as follows.

Independent passive residence, cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation mat, construction site.

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