Qixing Industrial Corporation.
Professional Manufacturer of Wall Board Equipment in China.

As the pioneer of China new wall material equipment industry, Qixing Industrial Corporation can be seen as the leading enterprise in China. It’s also wall material technical equipment innovation enterprise, winning awards like ISO9001 quality control system certification, wall material innovation and building energy efficiency advanced unit, etc.

Qixing has business areas including research, development and sales of new-type wall material as well as building materials for many years. Recent years, with newly independent research and development, it has products like foamed cement insulation board equipment, foamed cement inorganic insulation board production line, composite wallboard of self thermal insulation system, outer wall and exterior insulation board and its production line, light sound insulation wall and its production line, new compound sandwich board production line, foamed concrete inorganic insulation board production line, QX concrete composite self-insulation wallboards and its automatic production line. All of these have been widely used in building area and made contribution to energy conservation.

The company is sparing effort to explore new wall material market, adhering to principle of technology and innovation-oriented development, quality-based improvement. It has successfully developed outer wall & exterior insulation boards production line and compound sandwich board production line, which are unique and advanced in China. Its products are exported to Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, etc.

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